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Quirky seed paper tokens — which can be planted to grow wildflowers, the perfect Mother's Day Gift!


This alternative gift for Mother's Day includes three beautiful seed paper tokens; pink blush heart, cornflower blue butterfly and lucky four leaved clover. Each token is made from our special seed paper, handcrafted in our London studio from recyled materials and embedded with petals and wildflower seeds. When planted, the paper decomposes into soil and the seeds germinate to produce seedlings!


Each plantable token is presented in a square pocket and finished with a ribbon tie. An insert gives planting instructions and information about the seed paper.


Shortlisted for Eco-friendly Gift of the Year!

Mother’s Day Plantable Gift Set


Made from:
Paper is handmade from 100% recycled materials and contains inclusions of seeds and flower petals and ferns.

The seeds are a mix of hardy wildflower varieties, which will grow all year round indoors, or outdoors. Planting instructions are included.

10 x 10 cm

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