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A seed paper heart for a special Dad, which can be planted to grow wildflowers!


This handsome royal blue heart is made from a unique seed paper. Handcrafted in our London studio from recycled and sustainable materials, the paper contains inclusions of petals and seeds. When ‘planted’ the paper breaks down into the soil — and the seeds germinate to produce seedlings!


Each plantable heart is presented in a square pocket and finished with a grosgrain ribbon tie. A printed insert gives planting instructions and information about the seed paper.


Seed mix consisting exclusively of native UK wildflower species. Planting instructions are included.



For orders of 50 or more units, for example as wedding favours we can provide an insert with a personalised message, FREE of charge. To take advantage of this, please place order as usual. You will then have the opportunity to get in touch with your message — example messages are available

Plant a Heart Blue Seed Paper Heart Card


Seed paper token is handmade from recycled/recycled mix paper and includes natural inclusions. 
Pocket made from recycled paper.

dimensions:10 x 10 cm

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