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Quirky seed paper shapes — which can be planted to grow wildflowers!


These sparkling shapes are made from a unique seed paper. Handcrafted from recycled materials, the seed paper contains inclusions of natural mica flakes and wildflower seeds. When ‘planted’ the paper breaks down into the soil — and the seeds germinate to produce seedlings!


The set of 3 includes a ‘Plant a Star’ in silver-white, a ‘Plant a Christmas Tree’ in bronze and a ‘Plant a Heart’ in gold. Each plantable shape is presented in a square pocket and finished with a sparkling ribbon tie. An insert gives planting instructions and information about the seed paper.


Shortlisted for Eco-friendly Gift of the Year!

Plantable Christmas Tree, Star & Heart Set


Seed paper token is handmade from recycled/recycled mix paper and includes natural inclusions. Pocket made from recycled paper.

The seeds are a mix of hardy wildflower varieties, which will grow all year round indoors, or outdoors. Planting instructions are included.

10 x 10 cm

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