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We’ve compiled our most romantic products to create this alternative gift set, ideal for those who like something a little different!


Give your love wings with the stunning seed paper Robin card, flecked with gold mica.


Embroider the elusive endangered Saola, depicted at sunset amongst red Hibiscus flowers - symbolising passion.


Pin up your embroidered creation with the cute mini heart peg!


Finally, let love grow with the quirky Scalloped plantable heart token, embedded with petals and wildflower seeds.


All presented in a sturdy reusable cardboard gift box, tied with red and white baker’s twine.


For further details on each individual product please see below.


The romantic love tokens of a heart and robin are made from a unique seed paper. Handcrafted in our London studio from recycled paper, the paper contains inclusions of gold mica or petals and seeds. When ‘planted’ the paper breaks down into the soil — and the seeds germinate to produce seedlings!


Seed mix consisting exclusively of native UK wildflower species. Planting instructions are included.


Embroider Me Saoia includes: Envelope, blunt needle, two colours of cotton embroidery thread, embroidery instructions. Not included: scissors

Romantic Plant & Craft Gift Set


Seed paper token is handmade from recycled/recycled mix paper and includes natural inclusions.

Pocket made from recycled paper.

Cards printed in the UK on FSC certified recycled mix board. 100% Recycled envelopes. Cotton embroidery thread

Twine/thread is made from cotton.

Packaged in paper/card (no plastic used).


23.5 x 16.5 x 2cm (letterbox size)

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